Our Programs

We want the best for our scholars.

Our program broadens the definition of family to include the community charged with guiding our youth toward the best versions of themselves. Boys Hope Girls Hope of Illinois provides holistic services to foster growth in our scholars and to cultivate their innate resilience.

We succeed when they succeed.

We take a long-term and comprehensive approach.

We support our scholars from adolescence through college graduation and beyond, offering a holistic spectrum of programming that evolves with the age and needs of youth.

Program Delivery


Our Residential program functions as a loving and nurturing family atmosphere, a dynamic environment with a sense of belonging, central to healthy adolescent development.

More About Residential Programs
Residential Program
Our three residences accommodate up to 25 scholars, who are cared for by live-in, round-the-clock professional Residential Counselors.  Scholars share chores, do homework together, attend religious services, eat, and grow up together. Academic growth and whole-person development are the program focus: residential scholars are enrolled in college-preparatory programs at top-rated area schools; scholars are matched with tutors who help them reach their academic potential and mentors who share their life experience; they are enrolled in extracurricular activities designed to help them discover themselves and the world around them; and they engage in community service projects that teach them the value of living a life committed to serving others.


We not only prepare college aspirants for all aspects and challenges of the college experience, but continue to provide academic, social, emotional and financial support through college graduation.

More About Collegian Programs
Collegian Programs
For BHGH residential and non-residential scholars, a college education is not a dream, it is an expectation. College Road is a multi-year, interactive program with specific activities that are proven to prepare scholars for the demands of campus life and independent living. It was initiated in 2000 by BHGH International to drastically increase college graduation rates among participating youth. Each scholar uses a digital MyRoad Portfolio, which is a personalized guide to his/her College Road activities from 7th grade through the college planning process.  The College Road curriculum is designed to help BHGH college students develop three critical attributes for success in education as well as professional life: competency, connectedness and confidence. Through the BHGH International Scholarship Fund, scholars having completed College Road activities and MyRoad benchmarks, enrolled in 15 or more credit hours and maintaining specific GPA requirements may apply for scholarship funds each semester through college degree completion (in five years or less).

Who We Serve

We serve academically capable and motivated children in need. Need includes a variety of tough situations such as poverty, family stress, parent/guardian illness, neighborhood violence or underperforming schools—most anything that would prevent a highly capable child of reaching his or her full potential.

Boys and Girls

School-aged students in grades 7-12

Capable of Rigorous Academic College-Preparatory Work

Need for a long-term, value-centered, nurturing setting

Volunteers for program, understands and accepts expectations

Relates positively to others

Has a family or guardian that is supportive and willing to adhere to program expectations

Our Local Impact

We have great numbers to represent our success and we often hit 100%. But that’s not where the story ends. There isn’t a number that is large enough to represent the character, ambition, courage and integrity of our young men and women.

“My experience with BHGH of Illinois has truly enlightened me and reintroduced diligence into my mind in an ingenious way. BHGH surrounds us scholars with the right role models and environment while encouraging us to excel in the academic field as well as in our personal lives.”

Austin Joseph, BHGH of Illinois Class of 2015

Signature Programming

My Road is Boys Hope Girls Hope’s innovative online learning experience which consists of a journey of activities, assessments, and benchmarks that ensure scholars are developing academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually in preparation for college, career, and life.

Our scholars are accepted to and attend some of the finest colleges and universities.

Boys Hope Girls Hope Alumni

Graduates of Boys Hope Girls Hope programs across the affiliate Network become members of the Alumni Association, a growing body of young professionals. Members are active in their local communities and Alumni Association Chapters, promoting awareness of Boys Hope Girls Hope, building a strong network of alumni connections, and offering opportunities to get involved.

To get involved with the local alumni chapter or to find out more about alumni resources, contact us.

About the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Illinois is an affiliate of Boys Hope Girls Hope, and we ascribe to the same Theory of Change and Research-Supported Program Model which differentiates our network and includes: Early Intervention; Long-term Support, Partnership with Parents, Guardians and Families of Origin; Provision of a Stable, Nurturing Environment; Whole Person Development and Growth of Mind, Body and Spirit; Role Models and Mentor Relationships; Encouraging Academic Challenges and Extracurricular Involvement; and Voluntary Application Process for Program Participation.

Invest in the success of our scholars!